myPEAK was born through extensive research and development by a team of physicians, researchers, social entrepreneurs, eco-activists, athletes, and nutrition lovers passionate about living life at its peak.
We believe everyone is meant to thrive, not just survive. We wanted to change the world for the better and make an impact on people's lives and our planet. To do that we needed to perform at our best. Therefore, we created a diet and supplement regimen for ourselves based on the newest research and years of experience to amplify focus, revitalize our daily routine, and achieve ultimate health in order to succeed in our very busy lives. Not only did we strive to achieve ultimate health, we wanted to thrive in all areas of our life. As we delved deeper into leading-edge scientific research on nutrition and performance, our supplements grew until we were taking over 12 pills a day. While the results were spectacular, the protocol was inconvenient, inefficient, and expensive. We also had to struggle to find good quality vegan/vegetarian supplements without gelatin-based capsules (typically made from beef or pork gelatin). Furthermore, we had to order tons of different supplements, work hard to find companies we could trust, remember to order them, keep track of which pills to take with us to work every day and swallow 12+ pills a day. This was not sustainable, convenient, or affordable, especially for the many people who had learned the protocol from us. 
Therefore, we realized that if we truly wanted people to benefit, we would have to create something convenient, high-quality, affordable, and integrated. Thus, myPEAK supplements was born: to help everyone live their lives at its peak. Our goals are for everyone to benefit from the best science, nutrition, and nature have to offer without the complexity and exorbitant costs. We are committed to making the best vegan supplements on the market that are scientifically formulated to be of benefit for you, regardless of what you do. We designed our products for ourselves and those closest to us and therefore cutting corners was not an option. We are committed to rigorous quality standards, transparency, scientific formulation principles, and education which is why we explain all of our processes, the reasons we use all of our ingredients, and the research behind them. We are committed to making them affordable for you because we want everyone performing at their peak health, vitality, and happiness as we are.
That fulfills our mission of why we started myPEAK supplements: creating a healthier, happier world -- one person at a time. We also live this every day with our Spread the Wellness Program. We commit to feeding a person in need for every single bottle sold through our contributions to Feeding America®, the nations largest hunger-relief organization. In this way, each bottle can put a smile on not only your face, but also another person in need. Furthermore, we strive to be sustainable in all of our company processes and therefore our products are fully vegan, sustainably sourced, and made to minimize waste every step along the way. Join us as our story continues to unfold!