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Our Triple Impact Mission

We know humans are meant to live at their peak. Our mission is to help you, and the world at large, get there.

never cut corners
Peak Quality

We have rigorous quality standards for our products from science-based formulations to FDA registered and NSF-certified facilities in the USA and GMP certification so you can get products you can trust!

An Award-Winning Company
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Our brand is an award-winning brand that been featured, acclaimed, and recommended by health experts, doctors, and news outlets for our unique scientific approach to health and innovation.

Our Premium Supplements

We Are A Purpose Driven Company

We care deeply about our world at large and incorporate that caring into everything we do. We believe that our wellness begins with the wellness of others and our planet. This is the inspiration behind our initiatives with Feeding America® and Carbon-Neutrality. Read more below.

Spread the Wellness
One Bottle, One Meal

Every bottle you purchase feeds someone through our contributions to Feeding America® and tens of thousands have been fed thanks to your purchases! Click the button below to see your contribution.

Our Sustainability Commitment

It's time for all of us to give back to nature. We recognize the immense importance of our environment and thus are part of the The Millenium Plan and multiple other initiatives to support ground breaking innovations like Grassroots Carbon® and Running Tide® to protect our environment and remove carbon for 1000+ years. We also offset our carbon footprint with fully carbon-neutral shipping. Always.