We are a purpose-driven company at our core and incorporate caring into everything we do.

Our Triple Impact Mission

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We know you are meant to live at your peak — our mission is to help you get there with the best science-based blends on the market! Every blend is scientifically-dosed, physician-formulated and based in leading-edge science and innovation.


Did you know 1-in-9 people in the U.S are food insecure? Let's work together to feed America and end food scarcity, one meal at a time. With each bottle sold, we contribute one meal through Feeding America®!  


We are committed to protecting our planet every way we can. Thus, Purchases help support the Millennium Plan for groundbreaking innovations such as Grassroots Carbon® and Running Tide® to remove carbon for 100-1000+ years.

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Our Story

Our story begins with Bhargav: At the age of 16, I began exploring the importance of health and nutrition when inspired by an uncle, who taught me the importance of wholesome living as a foundation for reaching one’s peak potential. This interest turned into a lifelong commitment at 19, when my grandfather was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. I was raised by a single mother and my grandfather was a daily presence in my life and my closest confidant. The pain of losing his loving presence fueled my life-long passion to understand human health and performance from all perspectives, both east and west. I attended medical school and devoured everything I could find about health & wellness from books, journals, experts, seminars, and research.

On that journey, I met Urja, another passionate health advocate on her own wellness journey, which also began at 16, coincidentally. As a young student attending a medical vocational high school, she had already given her heart to making a difference. Attending medical school was her lifelong dream but along the way, her vision expanded significantly. Early in college, she began to explore holistic health from the full gamut of meditation, psychology, nutrition, ayurveda, and healing practices from around the world. She ended up attending medical school as well, where her passions continue to develop.

Together, we dove deeper, with a common calling to help people with everything we had learned. The original formulations behind myPEAK’s first products were born through our friendship, although originally made only for family and close friends who loved our formulations and saw great results. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we felt an obligation to share our carefully crafted formulas with the world — to inspire people to live their healthiest and best lives and benefit as many people as we could. We wanted to make products with integrity & heart — products that truly work, not just products that were marketable or fashionable, but those that would benefit our customers and the world with the highest and noblest of intentions.

Today, we devote our lives to human health as physicians as well as sharing our knowledge with the world through the myPEAK products and educational videos, posts, and blogs on how to live life at its peak, proper nutrition, and wholesome wellbeing.

— Bhargav & Urja —


Our all-star scientific team


Bhargav Patel, MD, MBA & MHM Candidate

CEO & Chief Scientific Officer

Bhargav is a resident physician in the department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior at the Medical College of Georgia. He studied at Vanderbilt University before continuing on to get a Doctorate in Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia. He has devoted his life to the exploration of health and wellness since the age of 16 and has devoured hundreds of books, thousands of research studies, and everything else he could find on nutrition, & healing from both western allopathic medicine and eastern systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He developed deep expertise in nutrition, biohacking, physiology, and performance optimization through cross-discipline training and experimentation. He is also a published researcher of multiple textbook chapters & scientific publications on trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, resilience and stress-related disorders. Through myPEAK and his various other projects, he is committed to doing all he can to help people live their best lives and perform at their peak.


Urja Shah, DO Candidate, MA 

co-CEO & Chief Customer Officer

Urja is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Biology followed by a master’s in biomedical sciences at VCOM. She is currently a medical student at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. She began to develop a deep interest in eastern healing methods and psychology while in college. She then began studying Ayurveda and integrative healing methods from around the world, which inspired her to attend medical school with an intent to make an impact on patients through an integrative and holistic model of medicine, incorporating lifestyle, prevention, somatic healing methods, and mental health. She is passionate about making an impact, helping people elevate their relationship with their well-being and giving them a glimpse into their peak life.