myPEAK Education : Wellness Practices of our Founders

myPEAK Education : Wellness Practices of our Founders
In this educational series, we will explore the Wellness practices of our founders. There are many parts to this series. Keep checking this page regularly for the latest updates.
Without a healthy mind, there cannot be a healthy body and without a healthy body, it is hard to have a healthy mind. It is a paradox. The bottom line is that a healthy body and mind are necessary to produce the best results in life.
So much has been written about health by so many experts. For the past several decades, we have taken a deep interest in our health and wellness. Through a lot of research and experiments, we have come to conclusions on what worked and what did not for us. We will summarize these conclusions now to make your wellness journey easier.
Health, peace, prosperity, happiness, and success all begin within. What most people fail to realize (and conventional allopathic medicine failed to realize for a significant portion of its existence), is that the food, water, and nutrition that you put in your body affects everything from how you feel to what you think to how long you live. Over the last 25 years, significant medical research has been conducted on the effects of various foods, nutrients, and water on our health. And the discoveries have been amazing. With everything we put in our mouths, we are either amplifying our focus, joy, and lifespan or reducing it. In other words, we are either enhancing our lives or eroding them. Wellness begins with what you eat and drink, is amplified by the supplements you take, and is perfected with little habits that make a big difference. So, let us begin.
Any discussion on health must begin with the things that are wreaking havoc on our health. Simply by eliminating or reducing these things, we will notice a drastic difference in our lives. We will follow this up by including tips on what to eat to help our bodies and minds thrive and take our health to the next level. Lastly, we will cover some small habits that can make a big change in our lives.
What to Eliminate:
Tap water:
The water is meant to be healing and it is very healing if it has a high number of Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) that are good for the body. The problem is, that most of the drinking water contains a high number of bad TDS. This is an unfortunate side effect of human evolution. As we evolved, we created harmful chemicals and carelessly released them into the environment. As a result, our water, air, and food are polluted.
In 2014, officials from Flint, Michigan switched the city's water supply to the Flint River as a cost-cutting measure for the struggling city. In doing so, they unwittingly introduced lead-poisoned water into homes, in what would become a massive public-health crisis. In August 2020, Michigan was fined to pay $600 million in the Flint water crisis settlement. The crisis in Flint, Michigan is a perfect example of how careless we are with our essential needs.
The water that comes from your tap contains tons of toxic chemicals from lead to arsenic to chlorine to fluoride. Each of these has various deleterious effects on your brain function and your health. Water is chlorinated to kill bacteria and pathogens, but when we drink that chlorinated water it wipes out the crucially beneficial bacteria in our intestines which play a vital role in our health and well-being. Fluoride is also a potent neurotoxin, and studies have shown associations between fluoride and lower IQs in children. Heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic truly do not have any “safe” levels and disrupt health even at the allowed amounts in our tap water.
How to eliminate:
When it comes to water, the experts do not always agree on the best solution. We use a reverse osmosis filtration system in our house (or buy filters that will remove fluoride in addition to the other chemicals. Keep in mind most conventional carbon filters do not remove fluoride). Alternatives include spring water, aquifer water, and glacier water. If you live near a pristine spring, aquifer, or glacier, and can utilize that water, then you are good to go. We are not suggesting buying bottled water labeled as spring, aquifer, or glacier water unless you have a way to verify those claims.
Our 6-stage RO system uses the first 5 stages to remove the bad TDS and then adds some of the good TDS back into the water. The conflict around RO water is that it takes out even the good TDS to clean the water. This is no longer true. Some of the good TDS are added back into the water by this system and the rest of the mineral needs for our bodies are fulfilled by our diet and our supplements.
There is value in investing in a good shower filter as well.
To be continued...

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