Proven Science Based Tips to Sleep Better - Get the Best Sleep of your Life

Proven Science Based Tips to Sleep Better - Get the Best Sleep of your Life

Sleep is the MOST UNDERRATED but critical lifehack you can find. You may think you get decent sleep but optimizing your sleep can make a WORLD of a difference in your life and health. Sleep is the foundation of all other good habits and the ultimate biohack for longevity, high energy, positive mood, and thriving performance.

Without good sleep, your brain is running on empty. Over the last few decades, sleep research has shed incredible light on this complex and incompletely understood process. Getting proper sleep involves many more processes than sleep itself. Sleep regulates our energy levels, memory, mood, and plays an important role in preventing Alzheimer’s by helping activate your brain's glymphatic system, your brain's version of a lymphatic system. Poor sleep is further linked to an increased risk of many diseases both physical and psychological. This only brings further into the spotlight sleep problems in the developed world which are at an all-time high, with up to 40% of the population experiencing insomnia in a given year and over 10% chronically. It is crucially important we understand how to optimize our sleep for both our health and our peak performance. In this video, Dr. Bhargav Patel discusses the following:

1. The Importance of Sleep- 01:15

2. How Melatonin Works- 02:55

3. Adenosine and Sleepiness- 04:10

4. The Brains Glymphatic System- 05:21

5. The Eight Key Ways to Get Better Sleep and Achieve Your Peak Performance- 06:41

The eight keys combined or alone can have a transformational positive impact on your life as they have had on so many people so far. Tune in to find out more and comment below with any questions you have!



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