Caffeine Vs TeaCrine, Best Caffeine Alternatives for Focus and Fitness

Caffeine Vs TeaCrine, Best Caffeine Alternatives for Focus and Fitness

In our previous blog post, we discussed caffeine and both its beneficial and harmful effects. As an alternative, we suggest people learn about and try TeaCrine Theacrine which we will explore more in this blog post as well as compare with caffeine. 

Theacrine is one of the most amazing compounds out there. While not as many people have heard of theacrine, this compound blows caffeine out of the water. Theacrine is extracted from the Chinese Kucha Leaf Tea and has a similar mechanism of action to caffeine, but is vastly superior. Theacrine has a significantly longer half life meaning no crash and a longer sustained focus (up to 8 hours vs 1-2 for caffeine). And unlike caffeine, theacrine is NOT a stimulant. So no increases in heart rate, blood pressure or anxiety!!

Theacrine has been studied and proven in over 6 human clinical trials as well as many other laboratory studies showing benefits for cognition, focus, motivation, endurance, libido and more. Here is an amazing infographic that shows the results of one of the studies!

To summarize, Theacrine:

  1. Provides up to 8 hours of sustained energy and focus
  2. Decreases anxiety unlike caffeine which increases it
  3. Is not a stimulant (no increases in heart rate or blood pressure)
  4. NO crash, NO tolerance, NO jitters
  5. Has been clinically studied and proven in multiple human studies
  6. Can actually be combined with caffeine for a synergistic effect

Number 6 is fascinating in its interactions. Combining caffeine with TeaCrine® Theacrine has been shown to be more effective than either alone and provides potent synergistic benefits. TeaCrine® has been shown to even more bioavailable when combined with caffeine, and combined can also reduce the crash of caffeine. 

The following infographic shows a comparison of TeaCrine® Theacrine vs Caffeine: 

Look for supplements with 200 mg of theacrine (the proven dose) and ideally as TeaCrine® the trademarked ingredient that has been clinically studied and has proven potency and purity. 

Our caffeine alternative supplement, myPEAK Brilliance contains the clinically proven dose of theacrine, in the patented and clinically studied TeaCrine®  form, extracted from the Chinese Kucha Leaf. Combined with brain nourishing ingredients Cognizin®  Citicoline, Gingko Biloba, Active B-complex vitamins, Rhodiola Rosea, and Huperzine A, Brilliance is the ultimate brain health blend addressing your brain from every angle, both short term and long term. Furtermore, the bioavilability of all these ingredients is enhanced with patented black pepper fruit extract, BioPerine®, proven to increase the absorption of many vitamins, herbs, supplements, and minerals, some up to 2000%, so you get maximum benefit. And unlike caffeine, Brilliance will reduce anxiety while improving focus, cognition, motivation, and fitness without the crash of caffeine or any sleep disturbance! 

Learn more about TeaCrine® and Brilliance:

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