An Essential Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic

An Essential Guide to Navigating  the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s been nearly two years since concerns about COVID-19 first began circulating around the United States. While most of us have settled into a new normal by now, it’s still important to stay informed. Keeping yourself up to date with the latest information will help you protect the health of your family and prevent the spread of the virus to high-risk groups. Here are some important things to know and tips from myPEAK to help you stay safe!

Stocking Up on Supplies

Stocking your home with essential supplies will help you avoid frequent trips to the store.

  • Avoid hoarding. Only buy what you need for a couple of weeks at home.
  • Shop for non-perishable foods like canned goods, frozen vegetables, and dried beans.
  • Get a water purifier instead of buying cases of bottled water.
  • Purchase a face mask, hand soap, sanitizer, and a first aid kit.

Creating a Family Sickness Plan

Make sure you know exactly what to do if a member of your family gets sick.

  • Identify a room in your home where sick household members can quarantine.
  • Watch for COVID-19 symptoms and stay home if you suspect illness.
  • If someone gets sick, go beyond your regular cleaning and disinfect your home
  • Hire a professional cleaner to ensure furniture and upholstery are germ-free.
  • Of course, many healthcare providers now allow patients to make video telehealth appointments to avoid in-person visits.

Managing Underlying Health Conditions

Part of a healthy lifestyle is taking steps to manage any underlying health conditions to reduce your risk of severe illness.

  • People with diabetes should take extra precautions to avoid contracting COVID-19.
  • If you have asthma, keep it under control by following your prescribed treatment plan.
  • Quit smoking and vaping to reduce your risk of serious lung disease.
  • Exercise! ZenBusiness even has some simple tips for keeping active at work.
  • If you are at risk, stay home. (Remember, you can order groceries online!)
  • Eat well and get proper nutrition to strengthen your immune system.

The Good News

It’s not all bad! Acknowledging good news can help you maintain a positive outlook through all of this.

  • Over 41 million people around the country have recovered from COVID-19.
  • The coronavirus lockdown has caused a decrease in air pollution.
  • Several countries have started easing lockdowns and travel restrictions.

When it comes to the coronavirus crisis, you can never have too much information. Safety recommendations and shelter-in-place orders are changing frequently. We all have a responsibility to protect each other from the coronavirus, so do your part and stay informed!

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